I hold a diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition, which makes me a nutritionist but it’s a pretty different way of thinking to a lot of diet and nutrition professionals you might also come across.

Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Michael Pollan

I have studied human nutrition for 3 years and observed over 200 hours of clinic in order to be qualified to work alongside women who feel their needs are not being addressed by traditional medical methods.

I also don’t believe in diet dogma or tribal eating, instead taking a true flexitarian approach – simply making sure that the nutrition plans I create a reflective of an individual woman’s needs, not whatever is the latest diet craze.

Whole Body & Mind Thinking

As a nutritionist, I understand usual practices such as controlling calories, fasting, different diets, functional testing but also work to achieve balance via:

  • Balancing hormones in the body – commonly oestrogen, progesterone and cortisol
  • Removing foods that are not nourishing to the body and replacing them with foods that are
  • Understanding whether any allergies or intolerances are present
  • Uncovering any nutritional deficiencies and working to put them right
  • Working to reduce stress and any mood imbalance to improve sense of wellbeing and sleep
  • Making sure the body has what it needs in order to function optimally and give it the best possible chance to recover from any illness

All of these principles work alongside traditional drugs and diagnoses so you can be sure you are getting the best of both worlds.

About Me

I came to nutrition after realising that my GP had no solutions for the problems I was seeing them for – or at least not the type of solutions that would return me to a sense of vitality. And it seemed like that was true for a lot of women I knew.

They had PCOS, endometriosis, fertility problems, difficult menopauses, thyroid issues, allergies, digestive pain, chronic conditions like multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease and despite trying to seek help, they remained in pain and discomfort.

Studying nutrition has allowed me to improve the health of my family and friends – and now I’m able to extend my knowledge even more widely, to help more women achieve the balance and sense of wellbeing they are looking for.


Hannah Mearns  (NT Dip CNM, HB Dip KG, BSc Hons)

I hold a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London, allowing me to practice as a Nutritional Therapist and Nutritionist.

I am fully insured as well as registered and regulated by: