Personalised body & mind wellness, especially for women.

Wonder Women Nutrition has been designed to deliver personalised, achievable & simple nutrition plans that help you feel like your best self everyday.

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Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

Michael Pollan

One to One Nutrition Appointments

One to one nutrition appointments are the best way to work sustainably on a wellness or health goal, allowing more in depth communication and personalised adjustments to plans, with regular support and check ins.

Pay as You Go

from £65

Initial and follow up online appointments bookable as you go, designed to allow us to develop a customised, personal nutrition plan.

3 Month Package


Designed to cover 2 menstrual cycles, ideal for hormone and reproductive health or for longer term health goals.

6 Month Package


Longer term support ideal for fertility and pregnancy nutrition plus chronic conditions such as PCOS, autoimmune conditions or digestive complaints.

Wonder Women Nutrition

Wonder Women Nutrition is run by Hannah Mearns, a fully registered nutritionist and nutritional therapist, with a specialist interest in women’s health.

Based in south London, all appointments now online.

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Your Weekly Dose of Wellness

Sign up now to receive a free copy of my ‘Eating to Boost Your Mood’ factsheet.

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